What is Teer Game? Where it is played? What is Teer Dream Number? [Full Information]

What is Teer Game? Well, Teer has been very popular in North-East and also in some other part of India. This is actually a legal game that is mostly played in Shillong (Shillong Teer counter), Khanapara, and Juwai. Basically, the game is very simple, archers from different villages or clubs come in a group in an open Teer ground and fires arrow towards the target. Viewers then predict the winning number from 1-100, and if your prediction matches Teer counter Result then you win.

This game is played every day except Sunday, there are two parts of the game the first half and the second half. So, in a day, you can predict twice if your lucky number wins then you be the lucky one of the day. There are lot more of the Teer counter game, here below are all the details of the Teer game, how it is played and much more. So, keep reading.

When did Shillong Teer counter start?

This is a traditional game of Shillong. Shillong Teer was started in the year 1950 where three clubs from different villages host an archery event every week. As the games started getting known by the people from the state, the clubs have come up with unique ideas of guessing the right answer, and if your answer is right you will win a prize. When the system of guessing the right number was started, it was illegal to the government of the state.

What is Teer

But later in the year 1980, the game has got legally approved by the government with all sorts of taxes and legal certificates. And now the club is also huge in number, there are 12 clubs that play the game and each day there are combined match of two clubs. Just like Shillong the game started getting popular different states of North-East of India (Khanapara Teer/Guwahati Teer, Manipur Teer, Juwai Teer etc.).

What actually happens in Teer game?

If you don’t know that Teer game is being played by different clubs at Shillong, there are about 8 clubs in total who makes this game happen. Now there are total 2 rounds in a day the first half and the second half. The first part takes place from 4:00 pm and the second part of the game starts from 5:00 PM. The game takes place on an open golf ground in Shillong.

There are about 50 archers in total (they are paid around Rs.300 for a day) and they fire arrows from 300-1000 in a target and all of the Archers are professional even though they are from the village. As soon as the archers finish shooting arrows to the target the officials of the Teer counter game circulate the target with some kind of trap so that no other arrows hit and start counting the arrows that have hit the Teer target.

Now whatever numbers of arrows have hit the Teer target, the Teer official takes the last two digits as round figure results. For example, if 764 arrows have hit the target in total then 64 will be the teer result. So, who so ever predicted the exact number i.e. 64 will win the prize amount. In the same way, you can predict in your lucky number/Teer dream number in both halves of the game.

So, this is all about what really happens in the ground of Teer game. You simply need to invest in the number you want, and if your prediction comes to reality then you are the winner of the game.

What are Dream numbers? How to calculate Teer Common Number?

In the article, you might have come through many a time with a term “Teer Dream Number”. So what is it actually? Or how you can pick a number as there are lots of numbers from 1-100. So here you can know about them.

It is very much easy to pick a winning number; it is just about the tricky calculation and your luck for obvious reason. Now, what is, a dream number? Dream number is actually a number which you will pick by the dream that you have seen while you sleep at night. There are lots of list of dream number like if you see erotic dream then you can invest in 03, 17 etc. on the other day which you can know here. You can know further about the Teer dream number here.

teer dream number

Maybe the dream number trick is not happening with you, so you can also try out the mathematical calculation to find out the Teer lucky number of the day. Here you will need to first make the list of the club that is been playing in the Shillong Teer counter games for months. And you will need to mark the result of both first and second half of every individual clubs of the last 3 months. Now make the graph and see how the result is going, check if it is going up or down. By following the graph you will need to do the calculation to choose the winning number of the day.

teer shillong

So, this is all about the dream number and Teer winning number calculation. The calculation is very simply clicking on the links that are given and know the best way to win in the Teer game every time you play.

This is all about the What is Teer counter, How it is played, With the winning number and Dream number. Here we have given the perfect answer for your question if you also want to win Teer game every time you play then this two formulas “Teer Dream Number” and “Number calculation” will surely help you. Comment down on your thoughts and views regarding the Teer Winning number formula.

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